OCDS Toucan offers a set of transformation tools.

You sometimes need to transform OCDS data before you can use it or publish it.

Toucan allows you to get OCDS data ready for use, in your browser:

  • Create a release package from individual releases
  • Combine many small packages into a large package
  • Split large packages into smaller packages for each
  • Transform release packages into a record packages with compiled releases and versioned releases
  • Upgrade from an old version of OCDS to a new version
  • Convert release packages to/from Excel and CSV
  • Generate a spreadsheet version of OCDS schema

You can upload up to 20 files to each tool, and each file should be less than 20MB. Results remain available for 2 days.

If you have more or larger files, try using OCDS Kit from the command line. Please report any issues to data@open-contracting.org or create an issue on GitHub.