Use this tool to create a record package with compiled releases included from release packages. more

Fill in the Published date textbox to set publishedDate in the output package. Check the Include Versioned Releases checkbox if you want to add a versioned release to each record. Read more about compiled releases and versioned releases in the OCDS documentation.

Check the Pretty JSON checkbox to get a pretty print on the output files. By default the output encoding is utf-8, you can change it in Encoding text box.

Please verify that your files are release packages before uploading.

The options available for input files are:

  • Upload files: Drag and drop one or more files. You can also click the Add a file link below.
  • Provide URLs: Enter one or more URLs to each file. Click Add URL to provide more URLs.

The features available for the results files are:

  • Download: Download the file.
  • Save to Google Drive: Save the file in your Google Drive account after the authentication flow is complete.
+Add URL
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