Use this tool to create a release package from releases. more

Fill in the Published date textbox to set publishedDate in the output package.

Check the Pretty JSON checkbox to get a pretty print on the output files. By default the output encoding is utf-8, you can change it in Encoding text box.

Each input file must be a JSON file containing either one release or an array of releases.

The options available for input files are:

  • Upload files: Drag and drop one or more files. You can also click the Add a file link below.
  • Provide URLs: Enter one or more URLs to each file. Click Add URL to provide more URLs.

The features available for the results files are:

  • Download: Download the file.
  • Save to Google Drive: Save the file in your Google Drive account after the authentication flow is complete.
  • Send: Send the result directly to the selected function as an input file.
+Add URL
or drag and drop here.